Who is Jesus?

Why is Jesus the most famous man in history? Why does our calendar revolve around him? Why do millions of people around the world call him Lord?

Because Jesus changes lives!

Two thousand years ago, in fulfilment of a whole lot of prophecy, Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem. In lots of ways, he was just like you and me. He needed to eat and drink and sleep. BUT there was something completely different about Jesus. He was perfect! He never rebelled against his parents. He never broke God’s laws. He never, ever sinned.

In time Jesus grew to be a man, and he attracted huge crowds. People came from far and wide to hear him teach about God and to see him perform mind-blowing miracles. He calmed storms with a word, healed the sick with a touch, freed those possessed by demons, and even raised the dead back to life. Again and again, Jesus publicly demonstrated that he had power over nature, sickness, evil and death. Again and again, Jesus publicly demonstrated that he had the power of God!

Who was this Jesus? We're not left guessing, because on more than one occasion Jesus explicitly stated that He was the Son of God! Is that hard to believe? The religious leaders of the day thought so too. They charged Jesus with blasphemy, condemned him to death, and nailed him to a wooden cross where he died.

You’d think this would be the end of the story, but three days later, Jesus proved that he was the Son of God, when he conquered death and walked out of the tomb. Hundreds and hundreds of people saw the risen Jesus, the news spread like wildfire, and the world has never been the same again.

What does Jesus want from you? He wants you to admit that you haven’t lived your life honouring and obeying God. He wants you to admit that you deserve God’s anger and punishment. He wants you to trust that he died on the cross in your place taking the punishment that you deserve. And he wants you to live your life joyfully following Him.

Shortly after conquering death, Jesus ascended back into Heaven, promising that one day He will return. When He does, those who ignore or reject Jesus will face God’s just judgement in Hell, while those who trust in Jesus will experience the eternal joy of Heaven.

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