How to Read the Bible One to One

Personal Growth


One of the most valuable ministries a person can be involved in is also the simplest: just reading the Bible with another Christian or an unbeliever. This type of ministry can have a deep impact on people, precisely because the Word of God is living and active. One of the great advantages of 'one to one' Bible study is that it is so convenient. Anyone can do it anywhere where they can read a book with someone.

HOW DO YOU DO IT? Well, start by finding one other person who you know is keen to look at the Bible. Make sure they are the same sex as you - that will make it easiest to help them grow in godliness. Ask them if they would like to meet with you on a regular basis to read the Bible for half an hour or an hour. When they agree - go for it! Where you are both at in your Christian walk might determine what book of the Bible you read. If one or both of you are young, new or not yet Christians, reading through a gospel is probably the best place to start. Then just read through each segment of the Bible together, pausing to chat about what you have just read in that segment BUT

WHAT DO YOU CHAT ABOUT? It is best if you are starting out to keep it really simple. Maybe try to look at 3 questions:

1. What does it teach us about Jesus? (Or, if you are not looking at a gospel, What is the main point of the passage?)
2. How does it relate to what we have already looked at?
3. How should we respond?

Note things you don’t understand, but don’t get bogged down with these things. Focus on what you can clearly see from the passage. As you do this week by week, you’ll find that the word of God is indeed living and active, and does change people’s lives.