One of the things that Christians find hardest to do is also something which Christians agree is the most important thing to do, and that is to pray. A simple way to pray more is to plan to do it and to plan to do it with somebody else. This has the added advantage of course of being very encouraging not just for you but for someone else too! 


Meet with someone of the same sex who is easy to meet with.
Think of Christian people who are in the same situation as you and pray with them. People in your youth group or at your school, people on your floor at work who have the same lunch break, Christians who jog when you jog! - think outside the box! 

Meet at a time that is easy for both of you.
The more convenient the time for you to pray, the more likely you’ll do it! 

Admit that it might feel weird at first.
If you have never done this before, praying with another person may feel weird. But praying is too important to be distracted by feeling weird! 

If you've never prayed out loud before, start by writing out your prayer in simple sentences.
A simple prayer like that works just the same way as an email to a friend, because it communicates to another person - just that here you are talking to God! To start with, you may like to just meet up and write a few sentences and then read through them as your prayer. 

Pray for things and people you have in common. For example, if your prayer partners are in your youth group at church, pray with them for the other people in your group and also for the youth group as a whole. 

Pray for those in authority
The Bible also encourages us to pray for those in authority over us (1 Timothy 2: 1 - 4) so that we might be able to live godly lives, and that those who are over us may we wise. 

Pray like people pray in the Bible.
If you look in the letters of Paul to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians, and find each time he mentions the word 'pray', it will give you lots of ideas of who and what to pray for. You can find other prayers in the Bible, by looking up the word 'pray' in a concordance, and this will also help inform you how to pray. 

Make sure you pray.
Finally, when you meet with your friend to pray, make sure you do pray. It's better to fill each other in as you pray, than to spend your whole time filling each other in on what you want to pray about, so that you never get around to praying!